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Welcome to the Whimsical World of Cinnamoroll Plush! Step into a realm of sweetness and dreams as you enter our enchanting collection of Cinnamoroll plush treasures. Whether you’re a dedicated Sanrio fan or simply someone who adores all things cute and cuddly, you’ve discovered the ultimate haven for everything Cinnamoroll! Discover a plethora of sizes, poses, and expressions, each showcasing Cinnamoroll’s heartwarming personality. From his classic innocent gaze to his playful antics that can brighten anyone’s day, our plushes bring the magic of Cinnamoroll into your arms. Embrace the sweetness and bring home a piece of the Cinnamoroll magic today!

Why you love Cinnamoroll Plush

  • Adorable Appearance: Cinnamoroll’s design is undeniably cute and appealing. With his fluffy white fur, floppy ears, and sweet expression, he embodies the essence of all things adorable.

  • Nostalgia: Many individuals grew up with Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll. The nostalgia associated with these characters often evokes fond memories and a sense of comfort.
  • Symbol of Joy: Cinnamoroll’s presence symbolizes happiness and joy. Many people are drawn to his carefree demeanor and find solace in his ability to bring a smile to their faces.
  • Versatility: Cinnamoroll’s design and character make him versatile. He can be a companion, a decorative item, a collectible, or a gift, making him suitable for various occasions and preferences.
  • Comfort and Stress Relief: Plush toys are known for their comforting qualities. Cinnamoroll plush can provide solace and stress relief for people seeking a tangible source of comfort.
cinnamoroll plush - Cinnamoroll Plush

Happy Customers

8 - Cinnamoroll Plush


I LOVE IT!!!! Buy it buy it!!!! Super cute!!! Great quality there is a zipper in the back too, my plush arrived early, it got here in 10 days!!! Which was awesome glad I bought it was so worth it!

7 - Cinnamoroll Plush


it came in really well packaged and sooner with a few weeks. it s as big as the measurements said. it s really soft and fluffy and i think my girlfriend will really like it.

6 - Cinnamoroll Plush


Is adorable. The material is very soft huggable. I’ll buy more stuffed animals. Fast Delivery

5 - Cinnamoroll Plush


amazing thanks, bigger then I thought (this is a good thing since I only like big plushies)very quick delivery, round about 5ish days

Welcome to Official Cinnamoroll Plushies Store

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We are proud to be one of the best stores selling variety of style of Cinnamoroll Plushies.

Cinnamoroll is a beloved character from the Sanrio universe, known for its captivating charm and heartwarming appeal. Cinnamoroll is a small, fluffy white pup with a distinctive appearance that sets it apart. Its most recognizable features are its large, floppy ears that resemble fluffy cinnamon rolls, which also explain its name. These unique ears not only add to its cuteness but also enable Cinnamoroll to float and fly in the air, giving it a whimsical and magical quality. With its round, innocent eyes and a sweet, gentle smile, Cinnamoroll’s expression exudes a sense of pure-heartedness and positivity. Its appearance evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, making it an instant favorite among fans of all ages.

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